Cristiana Bolchini

Teaching activities

I have been teaching for more than fifteen years Computer Science Fundamentals (Fondamenti di Informatica) courses to freshmen, appreciating how students, who have never exploited problem solving and computer programming, learn to code and see the computer from a different perspective.
It is also interesting to see how those who already have a background on this topic from high school have the opportunity to see the same concepts, possibly in a different flavor.

This year I am also teaching a course to students enrolled in the MEDTEC School, a joint degree program between Humanitas University and Politecnico di Milano: Computer Science, and the Molecular and computational biology and medical genetics integrated module.

In recent years I also taught Dependable Systems, a topic related to my scientific expertise and research interests. Used material is still available.

Office Hours

Please refer to my classes schedule to determine when I am busy teaching.

At present, with the current class schedule and restrictions, I am available for online/office meetings on (send an email in advance to arrange the meeting)

Wed. 16:00 - 18:00

However, it is always possible to set up an appointment in my office in a different moment, by sending an email.